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Take five

let me walk and recapture this circuit
a remix of a lullaby all wrapped up spiritually
from three days ago
when I saw you sidewalk bound reading initially
____first always with the quick scan and lip glance
still dreaming of Fellini and this perfect part:
inquisitive and whimsical
until the new day presses the time stamp gently;
all the while among the smiles,
you venture to take Carol Channing on:
one on one in a dance off
that’s just the way you are.


Nevermind the Lip Gloss

Where does it ever say?:

require__me to make you understand

or possibly doubt everything:

even those wise words–goings on…

delays because of what is not all of you.

I am more so deleted:

it’s okay though,

those lovely eyes couldn’t impress upon the thickets

of weeds and August blooms of wildflowers as seen by me;

even the angels had a front row seat to this occasion.

You, could have been there.


my soul train left early to reconnect with another.

Rewind—–down dark corridors illumined by candle carrying monks,

into the Hallmark section browsing

unsigned Valentine cards with post script:

All The Best.

When you desire,


continue to do so.


shadows walkabout in pairs reluctant
some crowd near an open flame to dry.
the aroma of yesterday’s meal
ignites memories of mother baking bread outside,
hands caked with dough turning
her many smiles reaching out to the heavens
accompanied by
guitar strumming
and drums
crackling courtesy of Max Roach.
a bamboo paradise, some days a sandy depression.

Vigilante County

Broken into this place of a thousand hopes,

void creates the established voice

once read and unbroken, papyrus still


Here, you will remember those rocks

unheard watching the borderlands where

dreams walk under and wade through

paper money, laws biting into flesh until

new leaves sprout from the desert brush.



Star Valley

the imprint of lizard tracks walk around a handbag
left-by-a-chain-link-fence-bordering-a river bed dry:

my mind
remembering past sentences;

good food of the city—-

receipts collected and papers signed.

Soon an invasion rains down drowining what left
taking all my possessions: but I am still here.

Some however are forced blank,

a heated battle to water the mind again and again,

until laughter sounds sideways every which way.

dancing with the impossible

A brief connection arose out of a whim undertaking
while all the strict impermanence
of the natural wavelengths revisted her in complete silence.
Meetings like this occur most often in the face
of consequences yet made.
The feeling reminds me of the toll road—
and to continue on
I have to exchange my imagination as currency.

The ways things are

under a foreign leaf
where the shade is altered by contact
reenters the dirt track
which follows the bridge
out of the sandy bowl;
you abruptly consider
the choice to violate the
continued cycles of automata
and bring about only the vine
interrupted by rough breath
a splinter of future sentence.

Today’s Spin

I am rereading the lives of Athenian aristocracy

and outside the cat is doing the same, albeit

with a smirk,

 or perhaps a droop of the lip.

I contacted the post about a letter

yet received,

sent from the Midwest of all places;

nervous thoughts come to fruition

as in the news

terror raids the populace

and grinds them into nostalgic potted plants.

queen of hearts

she leans on my apartment door

annotated knocks soon follow

an orchestra of tiny hands.

some say as the stars form


we lose the capability

to respond to love

again and again.


the confusion is only temporary—-

as we crash through the maze.

the day the earth stood still

Fragrant meadows continue in parts per billion

while the oil spits continually

on open road

along with yesterday’s trial

and errors.

A partial victory may be ahead

and one has to pray

as being under constant duress;

and like the crow, 

we come to fear our own shadow

because it lies dormant awaiting

the next surprise among the multitude:

some hurt

and others,

just stare you in the face:

a breathless reminder of

youth and dirt.

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