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the wager

what sobers the mind in trivial act
a devil’s song leading one towards
doom and under false spells lonely souls
interact and remain as they are

we walk beneath leaves
and the pulse of nervousness finds
only true strangers of mist.

as the light of morning censors
hope delimits the tremors
of tomorrow.


A string saved for Icarus

The start of light
the continual emancipation from question
mars the granules of completion.

You—the other minute of the nine
into the deep of sleep
a like wondering of certitude as you
place one pebble near the feet of the one anointed
by your fixed gaze of gazes.

Holy as it is, you venture and make place
of granite rock
a change of communication against
the will before the butterflies return

Vigilante County

Broken into this place of a thousand hopes,

void creates the established voice

once read and unbroken, papyrus still


Here, you will remember those rocks

unheard watching the borderlands where

dreams walk under and wade through

paper money, laws biting into flesh until

new leaves sprout from the desert brush.



The ways things are

under a foreign leaf
where the shade is altered by contact
reenters the dirt track
which follows the bridge
out of the sandy bowl;
you abruptly consider
the choice to violate the
continued cycles of automata
and bring about only the vine
interrupted by rough breath
a splinter of future sentence.

autonomous oak

gather round
sprightly seedlings
in rejecting the status quo:
the methods
are revealed by nature’s

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