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the light of reason

all-embracing sun

rays which slays

the darkness that evinces

radiated words

which defiles peace

among us:__________.

we should replicate and

generate the sun’s essence

of profound utterances

and metamorphose into billions of candles

falling into the darkest cavern

destroying it by  divine brilliancy…


migration in progress

Stare into the icy cold river

which reveals the path awaiting

those who cannot face themselves from without____

Plead for peace that awaits thee when all is calm

and which can only come from within;

for this is nature’s way of telling us

to move with the cycles of the earth….

light bearers

every paused contortion

reaches outward___

the palms meet

and the  sky

 gleams  a purplish delight_________

duration is no longer

when hope remains

and is met with another;

for they guide

each other into light

out of Plato’s void

into beauty.

taxi cab confessions

sometimes when the gods

seem to plot against you

you arrive at a place

where making sense of it all

doesn’t do nothing

but confirm the false continuation

of  these same actions

 that so trouble the mind \:

Because in essence they are  only

 brief memories to laugh about

in this merry-go-round of existence:

for they are just small discomforts_________


sidewalk notes

musical notes accompany me

throughout the day____

they are pasted on my coat lapel

sometimes I find them 

in the refrigerator side door

or on a spare napkin;

but what really is the kicker

is what  I can do  to transform  them

and apply them

and create with them

with the  stuff lying around

the house

or even

hanging out

sipping my bubble tea…

it ‘s just


in the air

ready to be…

the minds of crooked men

you are the enemy

 as you oppose the breathing of life

you spit out heavenly manna

when you tear out

what exists independently of you

sucking out the life  and poisoning everyone

with crooked handshakes<>

it is you who despise

the realness which is

respect for harmony

and good works____>

for we sleepwalk

the tea kettle on the stove top is ringing

just for me________.

i am glad that we finally meet


like a series of nebulas that 

 slowly move in

untired tranquility___________

names don’t really matter much here

for  the way to the starting point can never be


because it is infinitely meaningful__

like the short duration of a


that lights up the moon________.

police states of today

If there is a suit in front of you

where is the best place to move

in a direction opposite, or not?

I smell the gratitude

                                     you pay in broken shells

a refund is never necessary_________babe.

Then on a dry corner near Irving

out of the glass pane

a pack of court jesters ready  to test each other

with musical accoutrements out of story books

told before nap time————>

No one will EVER get the great news

because it’s too late for conversions now

it’s already here and in the flesh

walking straight and in line

with confused hands

(bound with vines)

a system check is necessary

for the disordered minds

of the  states of war_________>

search for sustenance

produce everywhere________

plates emptied along  gutters

berries picked by bus stop and

eaten on the way to a showdown with

templates amassed and catered to the

domesticated animals::::

the season is near for coercion

and voracious  simplicity

let us go…

letter trail in the sky…

a pathway in the sky littered with all to do with love and things mundane, but beautiful in conceptions

as passengers enclosed like sardines, we mistake each other for family members laughing hysterically within mind

it’s a game of charades as we contemplate the temperature of the coffee or the parking lot below

then it’s over and back to life in fades….

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