Nevermind the Lip Gloss

Where does it ever say?:

require__me to make you understand

or possibly doubt everything:

even those wise words–goings on…

delays because of what is not all of you.

I am more so deleted:

it’s okay though,

those lovely eyes couldn’t impress upon the thickets

of weeds and August blooms of wildflowers as seen by me;

even the angels had a front row seat to this occasion.

You, could have been there.


my soul train left early to reconnect with another.

Rewind—–down dark corridors illumined by candle carrying monks,

into the Hallmark section browsing

unsigned Valentine cards with post script:

All The Best.

When you desire,


continue to do so.


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One thought on “Nevermind the Lip Gloss

  1. Your writing really does open my eyes. I have not been touched by anyone elses poetry in this way. You really are the best. Please, don’t ever stop. The wonderous things your mind holds, I’ve been blessed. Blessings & Hugs.

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